Welcome to Geekloo!

Geekloo is a place where geeks can feed on the awesomeness that is the internet.  We’re still young and growing, but keep your eye on us for some fun and interesting things.

So, what do we have now you ask?  Check out these meaty chunks of awesome:

Epic is a weekly(ish) podcast.  Three grown men sit down and talk about all the geeky stuff we love.  The topics vary from week to week, but general idea is always the same.  Chips, refreshment, and a dab of awesome.  Sometimes bacon.

The News Feed
Check out all the new posts to Geekloo.com as well as links to various news articles we think are kind of cool.  We often pick a bunch of the more intersting news articles to talk about on Epic.

Plain English
There are plenty of amazing things out there.  But let’s face it.  Between World of Warcraft, Battlefield, and replaying Portal for the 20th time, we simply don’t have the energy to research it all.  In Plain English looks at all those amazing things that are happening in the world and tries to explain it through pop culture references and youtube links.  You know, the stuff we understand.

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